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Mordechai Rosenberg


Mordechai Rosenberg is the dynamic CEO of Integra. Mordechai’s broad background is in e-commerce. This, along with his role as Director of Development and board member of various charitable institutions, as well as his position as Executive Director of a large private school empowers the success of the company with leadership experience.

An engaging visionary with extraordinary communication skills, Mordechai is a powerhouse of personality that has helped the company build key industry relationships to advance its goals.

Mordechai completed his Talmudic Law and Social Studies graduate schooling in Israel. He resides in Brooklyn, NY together with his family and gives back to the community by mentoring struggling students.

Yossi Weiss


Yossi Weiss is Integra’s accomplished COO. Highly experienced in e-commerce aggregation, analytics and solutions, he brings a profound level of expertise in associated software integration, logistics, and Amazon know-how to the company.

Yossi is a brilliant and progressive businessman that places a strong emphasis on integrity, as well as meticulous, organized and punctual team collaboration and execution. His contributions to Integra’s day-to-day operations is a main force in distinguishing the company as a primary leader in the industry.

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